We believe in long term partnerships.
We change trust into prosperity.

We look at companies, positions and industries in real detail.
Only then we can bring you people that will help your
businesses to grow further.  

One idea,
Seven personalities.

Since 2009, our team has placed hundreds of experts, managers and leaders.   

We believe that the key to finding exceptional people for placements we need to understand our clients and their situations thoroughly and not underestimate the importance of any detail. 

From the very first tone of the first sentence in addressing candidatesto the aftercare phase which follows each successful placement.


The year the company was founded. A moment of putting together earlier years of know-how, procedures and useful contacts.


The number of positions we have filled and hence also the number of client projects we helped move their businesses forward.


Ideal number of consultants to provide all our clients with only the top quality service

2,4: 1

WIt only takes us an average of 2.4 candidates to present to successfuly fill one position.

way of working

A path to a perfect result is often painful. That's how it goes in life. We ask more qustions than others because we search for more answers. In Exchange for your trust we give you our maximum time, knowledge and absolute effort in searching for the best people and it doesn‘t end there. 

Mutual respect

Each of our consultants has completed hundreds of recruits,interviews and meetings. Everyone is a professional with proven successful track record.

We realize that only a person with strong character will attract and bring the same powerful person into your company.