Searching right elements for your growth.

A more efficient, radically different approach.

Executive search and recruiting is the foundation of our business. We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new executives need to embody.

Exploratory Meeting

We integrate the company’s cultural and leadership requirements. Personalised evaluation makes it likely possible to identify the best.

Sourcing and Analysis

We combine the local expertise and international research capacity to gather a pool of potential candidates.

Pre-selection Process

We select a short-list of potential candidates based on behavioral and psychometric knowledge adapted to the role and organizational context.

At a glance


Years of experience

We have been putting together years of know-how, procedures and useful contacts for a longer period of time. 


Successful projects

The number of positions we have filled. That is also the number of client projects that helped move their businesses forward.



The ideal number of consultants to provide our clients the top quality service.