For businesses we find the key people.
For people we find the right challenge.

You set the challenging goals and we bring you those who reach them.
We have successfully filled over 800 positions through our search services. 

Executive Search

Will suit your needs if you are searching for strategic executives to accelerate your business. We will screen the market, contact the best possible candidates and attract potential talent from your industry. We deliver value through knowledge of your industry and the use of an international network to find superior candidates for you.


We are ready to assist you when your company is facing redundancies. With our help, you can help your soon-to-be ex-employees find new work faster and thus increase loyalty and satisfaction within your current employees. We will help you maintain your company’s brand and image through outplacement packages. Reduce the anxiety of laid-off employees and, therefore, the risk of lawsuits.

Market Mapping

Let's use data to your advantage and understand more about potential candidates on the market. What is their average salary, who employs most of them, what is the job-to-candidate ratio? Possess all that information to identify the best approach to your sourcing plan.


We will support your company to set clear priorities for your business strategy and create a targeted approach to improve the most urgent problem areas. We will discuss leadership, talent management, strategic workforce planning, employer branding, social media and diversity management.

Market Screening

The advantage of this program is the speed of delivered results and price. You will gain appropriate information from the market to make an appropriate decision based on your recruitment needs. This service is the first part of the Executive Search process and is suitable for mid-senior positions.

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