Executive Search

We search. We place.

Executive Search is for those who do not want to take a gamble. We find, contact and bring to the table only the top and most relevant candidates for your key positions. 

Without compromise.

What would it be like to share the pressure and responsibility with the professionals to make the right staffing choice?

The Executive Search service provides you with a partner and counselor. 

Together we consult and map the current situation of your business as well as the current market and we design a sucessful path leading to filling your required roles. 

We make sestematic and discreet contacts with those meeting your high standard criteria. The process includes those who do not consider a career change. This guarantees you the choice from the best of the best.

If necessary, we will let you know when someone is worth waiting for. 

We have successfully applied Executive Search service in the following business case examples: 

  • Placement of the Executive Director - finding a successor to the existing business owner in a company with a yearly turnover over 50 million CZK.
  • Filling a key position of Food & Beverage Manager in a mountain resort hotel with the need of relocation.
  • Extensive consulting followed by a placement of the Procurement Director within the FMCG business. Our entry situation was taking over the client's six-month long unsuccessful search.
  • Finding a top notch Finance Manager matching strict criteria for a company with a turnover over 1 billion CZK.
  • Successful search for a Financial Analyst and Evaluation Specialist with the relocation from Cyprus.
  • Presentation of three relevant candidates for a client who operates in a very specific industry. The client was not able to find the right candidate for more than three months.

Are you interested in learning more about situations similar to yours? We will be happy to talk to you in person.

How Executive Search works:

1. Personal meeting and consultation
We get to know your company directly at your location. This allows us not only to understand your strategy and business but also needs and mindsets of yours and your employees.

2. Long list
We systematically search across the market and put together a list of potential candidates that fit with your set criteria.

3. Short list
From the long list we select the best suited candidates and contact them. We meet them and evaluate them. We pick 3 best candidates out of the meetings.

4. Presenting the candidates
We present the 3 candidates and provide you with information about their background and professional history. We can sit all the interviews to ensure the smooth process.

5. Final decision
We check candidates references and background and guide you in making the final decision and the right choice. 

6. Aftercare
With the new candidate on board your mutual journey just begins. We stay in close touch to ensure you are on the right path and heading the same direction.

Chateau Mcely, the leading five-star eco-chic hotel in the Czech Republic, strongly focuses on the selection process of their employees on all positions and levels. An empathetic approach and expertise are the key values in our field. Your team became our new partner that fulfils our expectations with the direct, professional and open communication.
Vlastimil Plch, Founding Managing Director, Chateau Mcely

Let's talk.

Reach out to us and we will discuss your need to find the right management candidate.

Let's talk.

Reach out to us and we will discuss your need to find the right management candidate.