Market Screening

Quick search with high values.

The advantage of this program is the speed of delivered results and price.

The Executive Search level service for a lower price?

We offer this service as an alternative
to the Executive Search process.

You would like to hire a specialist for a strategic position but you are tight on budget

This Market Screening service is the first part of Executive Search process. The Executive Search service takes 12 weeks or more whereas Market Screening will take 5 weeks.

Brickman evaluates the options within the market, compose a long list with all the relevant candidates. We will execute phone screening and recommend the best 3-5 candidates for you.

We have successfully applied Market Screening service in the following business case examples: 

  • We searched for a Business Controller to a FMCG company while the position was in confidential mode.
  • We found 2 senior lawyers with specific knowledge for
    an international investment company.
  • We have sourced a senior specialist in business risk management with requirements that very few people in the Czech Republic met.
  • A Czech company in the field of enterntainment industry asked us to search for an authorized architect.

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How Market Screening works:

1. Personal meeting and consultation
We will be glad to meet you to discuss and confirm requirements, job description, industry background and all other important details.

2. Search for the candidates
We start to identify potential candidates and then begin with contacting them.

3. Long List
We compose a list of candidates that suit your requirements and contact all of them. 

4. Telephone Screening 
We screen all the candidates that are interested in the offer via phone. 

5. Presenting the candidates
Then we select the best 3-5 candidates for you to interview them.

6. Client Interviews and Offer
It is now on your side to do the rest - to schedule interviews with the candidates and coordinate the hiring process to the stage of the final offer.

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