Putting your values into practice.

Outplacement program gives employees the support they need to find a new job. 

Are you facing redundancies?

Gentleman's farewell is a gesture that will not be forgotten.

We offer a helping hand for you and your soon to be ex-employees.

Our specialists will introduce you to the new trends on the job market. They will assist your employees with further career planning and finding the right opportunity

It is your commitment to stand to your company values as well as establishment of employer/employee relationships that live beyond an individual's tenure at your organization.

We have successfully outplaced more than 300 employees.

  • Outplacement of a CEO of an international FMCG company.
  • Intensive outplacement program for more than 50 employees of various management level and specialization in a well established international IT/Tech company.
  • Career counselling and outplacement of a DOS from an international Mobility/Tech company.
  • Outplacement of a GM from a hospitality chain after he was made redundant.

Are you interested in learning more about the outplacement program? We will be happy to talk to you in person.

How Outplacement works:

1. Personal meeting and consultation
We will be glad to meet you in person. This is the initial preparatory session with the Human Resources Department.

2. Quick Catch-up 
Immediate "support network" for employees – a prompt meeting with an employee following the off-boarding process.

3. Introductory Session
The intitial introductory session with the employee – mutual evaluation of the situation and agreement on the sessions schedule. 

4. Monthly Sessions
Monthly series of career coaching and consulting for your employee with a Brickman Consultant. 

5. Optional Services
Would you like to offer your employees extra service for the years of they loyal work? We are offering a broad range of additional service.

6. Final Session
The employee and Brickman Consultant will sumarize the sessions and evaluate the job hunt efforts.

Outplacement reference.

Let's talk.

Reach out to us and we will discuss your need for an Outplacement service.